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    Ile Gagnon - Quebec, Canada

    Ile Gagnon

    Quebec, Canada

    Magnificent stone mansion custom built in 2001 by one of the world's most illustrious entertainers and her family.

    19 acres / 7.69 ha  |  Freehold  |  Private Island

    CAD 29,655,500 View Save
  • Fitzpatrick Island - Quebec, Canada

    Fitzpatrick Island

    Quebec, Canada

    Unique opportunity to acquire one of the large undeveloped private islands on beautiful Ottawa River, 88 acres of pristine Canadian wilderness with a unique Ottawa River Cave System.

    88 acres / 35.61 ha  |  Freehold  |  Private Island

    CAD 848,000 View Save
  • Oullette Island - Quebec, Canada

    Oullette Island

    Quebec, Canada

    Private island for sale in the beautiful Lac Des Ecorces region, a short distance from Mont-Laurier.

    20 acres / 8.09 ha  |  Freehold  |  Private Island

    CAD 950,000 View Save
  • Half Crown Island - Quebec, Canada

    Half Crown Island

    Quebec, Canada

    In the far north country of Quebec, where the evergreens stretch tall and crystal waters shimmer beneath a glorious blue sky, paradise awaits.

    4 acres / 1.56 ha  |  Freehold  |  Private Island

    CAD 1,800,000 View Save
  • Sheep Island - Quebec, Canada

    Sheep Island

    Quebec, Canada

    A lovely cottage island found on the picturesque St. Lawrence River, located conveniently close to Montreal and New York State.

    3 acres / 1.21 ha  |  Freehold  |  Private Island

    USD 650,000 View Save