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Celebrity, Movie Stars, The World's Most Exclusive Property

There is nothing more exclusive and sought after in the world than having your own private island; it becomes effectively your own little kingdom. From Riccardo Montalban's Fantasy Island to Dr. No's Crab Key, private islands are exactly that - private. Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman loved the Italian island of Stromboli. Princess Margaret found peace and quiet on the island of Mustique. Richard Branson, Marlon Brando and Malcolm Forbes (whose Laucala Island in Fiji was sold for $10 million) all created their own Private Island Kingdoms for peace, privacy and tranquility. Some companies buy islands for corporate getaways or to hold seminars. The quickening pace of the information age and technology, making it easier to stay in touch from afar, means that demand from harried professionals for remote getaways is unlikely to fade.

Islands rumoured to be owned by the Rich & Famous:

Marlon Brando   Te’tiarao, French Polynesia
Mel Gibson   Mago Island, Fiji
Errol Flynn   Navy Island, Port Antonio, Jamaica
Johnny Depp   Little Halls Pond Cay, Nassau, Bahamas
Nicholas Cage   Bahamas
Julia Roberts   Bahamas
Robin Williams   island in Pender Harbour, British Columbia
Gene Hackman   Island in British Columbia
John Wayne   Taborcillo Island, Panama
Tony Curtis
  Rocky Island, Nova Scotia
Steven Spielberg   Madeira, Portugal
Raymond Burr   Naitoumba Island, Fiji
Richard Branson   Necker Island – BVI, Makepeace Island - Australia
U2   Ireland
Rod Stewart   Great Britain
Diana Ross   Taino, French Polynesia
Ted Turner   St Phyllis Island, South Carolina
Malcolm Forbes   Laucala Island, Fiji
Aristotle Onassis   Skorpios island, Greece
John Melk   Musha Cay, Bahamas
Rodolf Nureyev   Li Galli Islands, gulf of Naples, Italy
Agnetha Faltskog   rock band “Abba”
Ekerö   near Stockholm, Baltic Sea, Sweden
Li Galli   Islands, gulf of Naples, Italy
Charles A. Lindberg   Illiec Island off the coast of Brittany
Bacardi Family   Island near Grenada
Disney family   Echo Island, San Juan islands - Washington
Du Pont family   Cherry Island, Chesapeake Bay Maryland
Robinson family   Nihhau Island, Hawaii
Peggy Rockefeller   Buckle island, Maine
Lawrence Rockefeller   Sandy Cay, Jost Van Dyke - BVI
Tennis Star Bjorn Borg   Kattilo island, Sweden
Baron Rothschild   Bell Island, the Bahamas
James Michener   Scotland
Edward de Bono   Green Island - Australia, Tessera - Italy, Reklusia - Bahamas
Princess Nina Aga Khan   Pellew Island, Port Antonio, Jamaica
Dean Kammen   North Dumpling Island, Connecticut
FIAT CEO Gianni Agnelli   Dino Island off the Calabrian coast
Alain Delon   Island near Saint-Malo, France
Heidseck Family   Illiec Island off the coast of Brittany
Paloma Picasso   Petalous Island, western Greece
Michael Ondaatje   Several islands, Mahone Bay, Ireland
Iranian Prince Sharam   D’arros Island, Seychelles


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