I found the following configuration error(s) that will cause the script not to run. Please fix them:

Error: $quizdir /home/washago/public_html/sfesurvey is not a directory or does not exist. This directory must exist, and must be writeable by the web server. (Often, chmod 777.)

Error: $quizdir /home/washago/public_html/sfesurvey is not writeable by the web server meaning we cannot create files in it. Sometimes, this must be chmod 777. Please note that some servers do not allow things inside the cgi-bin to be chmod 777. If this is the case on your server, you may need to move $quizdir outside your cgi-bin.

The following information may be helpful:

DEBUGGING INFO: Operating System: linux
DEBUGGING INFO: Web Server: www.privateislandsonline.com Apache
DEBUGGING INFO: Script Filename: /home/washago/public_html/cgi-bin/sfesurvey.cgi
DEBUGGING INFO: Document Root: /home/washago/public_html

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