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private island lighthouses

If staying on a private island isn't unique enough, try staying in a lighthouse on a private island. These private islands come complete with their very own lighthouse accommodations

Savudrija 10 acres from EUR 313 /wk
Savudrija is the oldest lighthouse on the Adriatic, built in 1818. It is situated right next to the Slovenian border and only 56 km south of Italian town Trieste.
Struga 10 acres from EUR 163 /wk
On the southern side of the island of Lastovo, lies the Cape of Struga where the lighthouse of the same name with a capacity of 15 people was built in 1839.
Host 10 acres from EUR 630 /wk
In the western part of the entrance into the Vis harbour there lies an islet called Host, elongated in shape, only 1200 metres away from the centre of Vis Town
Veli Rat
Veli Rat 10 acres from EUR 348 /wk
The lighthouse, surrounded by pine trees, beautiful bays and pebble beaches, is considered one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic.
Susac Island
Susac Island 5 acres from EUR 399 /wk
Susac Island is surrounded by endless open sea, making you feel completely secluded from the rest of the world.
St. Ivan Na Pucini Island
St. Ivan Na Pucini Island 1 acre from EUR 553 /wk
Rock slabs on St. Ivan are ideal for suntanning. There are two beaches with shallow waters on opposite sides of the islet.
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