Cerboli Island

Name:Cerboli Island
Region:Italy, Europe
Location:Tuscan archipelago, Tyrrhenian Sea
Type:Private Island
Price:EUR 4,000,000 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:10.00 Acres / 4.05 HA
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About Cerboli Island

Cerboli island is a beautiful 10 acre island located in the Tuscan archipelago and is the only one for sale in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is located half way between Piombino (3.5 nautical miles away) and the Elba island (4.3 nautical miles away).

With a unique and spectacular location, and cliffs overlooking the crystal clear waters, Cerboli island is a year-round paradise offering the perfect conditions for snorkeling, diving, and sun bathing in the heart of Tyrrenian Sea.

The island’s area is mostly covered by Mediterranean scrub (marine mastic and cistus). The territory has an amazing topography with cliffs and beautiful greenery everywhere.

The island was used as a limestone quarry in the twentieth century to supply the nearby Piombino’s Ilva steel plant: some buildings were built, of which traces remain today, to accommodate about 40 people working at the quarry. There is a historical lookout tower on the island which was built in 1100 by the Republic of Pisa.

Italy is well known for the beauty of the landscape, with its mountains, hills and sea making it a unique territory rich of natural jewels.


A building permission was presented to the local office of Rio Elba (Elba Island) to recover the remains of the existing buildings for the construction of a perfectly eco-friendly villa through sustainable architecture. The project was not approved by the National Park Board and subsequently an appeal was handed in and it is still pending. If approved, the value of the island would be enormously higher. If the project will not be approved, you still can enjoy the enormous beauty and privileges of exclusively owning the island of Cerboli.

Island Access

The island is very close to mainland and easy to reach by a boat ride from the coast. The closest international airports to reach the area are: Elba international airport (Elba Island, 4 miles); Grosseto private airport (43 miles); Pisa international airport (68 miles).

This property is marketed by ESCAPETOTUSCANY & ALFA IMMOBILIARE real estate. Inquire now to learn more!
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Regional Information

Italy’s islands provide a unique twist on private island living. Some of this country’s islands are {...}

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Cerboli Island - Italy, Europe
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Cerboli Island Inquire
Italy, Europe
10.00 acres / 4.05 ha|EUR 4,000,000
Cerboli Island - Italy, Europe Cerboli Island - Italy, Europe Cerboli Island - Italy, Europe Cerboli Island - Italy, Europe