Ex Forte Alberoni

Name:Ex Forte Alberoni
Region:Italy, Europe
Price:EUR 8,000,000 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:21.65 Acres / 8.76 HA
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About Ex Forte Alberoni

The area as a whole is 87,620 square meters, of which 27,421 is water space.

The property is a large complex used in part as a golf course, on which there are three buildings, the remains of a corner of the ramparts of the fort, and a water space with direct access from the lagoon.

The first building called "Casa Matta" is on two floors for a covered area of approx. 826.32 square meters (total sqm. 1652.64): the building is restricted pursuant to Law 490/90 (under Law 1089/1939) and is now unused.

The second building called "Club House" was renovated and enlarged in 1950, and is spread over one floor above ground and a large loft, for a total area of approx. 675.75sqm: It's currently used by the Golf Club as a seat of the secretariat, bar, restaurant, lounge, bathrooms and changing rooms.

The third building has only only ground floor for an area of 215.91 square meters, now used as caddy master and shop.
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Regional Information

Italy’s islands provide a unique twist on private island living. Some of this country’s islands are {...}

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Ex Forte Alberoni - Italy, Europe
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Ex Forte Alberoni Inquire
Italy, Europe
21.65 acres / 8.76 ha|EUR 8,000,000
Ex Forte Alberoni - Italy, Europe Ex Forte Alberoni - Italy, Europe Ex Forte Alberoni - Italy, Europe Ex Forte Alberoni - Italy, Europe