Granot Loma Lodge and Isl...

Name:Granot Loma Lodge and Island
Region:Michigan, United States
Location:Upper Peninsula
Type:Private Island
Price:Price Upon Request
Status:For Sale
Size:4970.00 Acres / 2,011.29 HA
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About Granot Loma Lodge and Island

Granot Loma is a National Historic Landmark begun by Louis and Marie Kaufman in 1919, restored to its former grandeur in 1987 by Tom Baldwin. Its heritage is the rich legacy of powerful men who control and influence people and events. Gerald Ford intended to transform Granot Loma into his Western White House. Louis Graveraet Kaufman finalized plans for the Empire State building and creation of General Motors in its Great Room. Muhammad Ali attempted to buy it in the early 70's. And Tom Baldwin runs a financial empire from it today.

It's the real thing, an American castle, superbly executed by 22 architects and 400 Scandinavian craftsmen. Its Great Room chandelier is the entire root system of a white pine Kaufman played under as a boy. Mrs. Kaufman selected rocks for the fireplaces from Lake Superior's crystal waters, and divers retrieved them. Logs were handpicked in Oregon, wrapped in burlap, shipped to Michigan and constructed over an iron frame embedded in six feet of concrete.

Architectural Digest, "The International Magazine of Fine Interior Design", featured Granot Loma in its May, 1995 edition with these words: "The name may sound vaguely Continental, but Granot Loma, rising majestically from the south shore of Lake Superior, is as American as a great American house can be. One of the country's most important examples of rustic architecture, Granot Loma is a 26,000-square-foot log palace, an extravaganza of wood and stone. Begun in 1919 by Michigan banker Louis Graveraet Kaufman, it has fifty rooms and luxurious appointments, and it appealed to guests from Hollywood to New York, including George Gershwin, Fred Astaire, Cole Porter and Mary Pickford."

The Lodge is perfectly appropriate in size and scale for its granite point setting on the south shore of Lake Superior, earth's largest lake containing 10% of the planet's available fresh surface water. With no land in sight on the horizon, Lake Superior has a limitless dimension, the true feel of an ocean, America's North Coast. The great lake cools the air in summer and tempers the cold of winter. Northern Lights flicker above in the night.

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Although it has an urban image to non-visitors, Michigan is actually fifty percent forest, much of it {...}

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Granot Loma Lodge and Island - Michigan, United States
Granot Loma Lodge and Isl... Inquire
Michigan, United States
4970.00 acres / 2,011.29 ha|Price Upon Request
Granot Loma Lodge and Island - Michigan, United States Granot Loma Lodge and Island - Michigan, United States Granot Loma Lodge and Island - Michigan, United States Granot Loma Lodge and Island - Michigan, United States