Ilha do Gato

Name:Ilha do Gato
Region:Brazil, South America
Location:Camamu Bay, Bahia
Type:Private Island
Price:USD 3,300,000 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:18.00 Acres / 7.28 HA
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About Ilha do Gato

Cat Island rests close to Camamu town, Bahia State, Dendê Coast, Brazil. Some 75 miles north of Ilhéus and 125 miles south of Salvador, the State Capital. By land, coming from Ilhéus, it is very easy to come by. Interstate route BR 101 and leaving it at the Travessão locality, following then by the BA 001 road. Coming from Salvador, it is possible to cross the All Saints Bay by ferry, thus reaching Itaparica Island. There you gou south to the cities of Nazaré, Valença and Camamu. You may rent a car or hire a transport. Optionally you may come by plane from Salvador to Barra Grande, Maraú Peninsula and then by boat to Camamu.

Camamu Bay is the 3rd larger in Brazil after All Saints Bay (Salvador) and Guanabara Bay (Rio de Janeiro). It is a virtually untouched area of white sands and cristal clear waters. Very well preserved nature around and huge mangrove forests. All around the bay just few villages and small towns. No pollution at all.

Camamu is a small city (17.000 hab.) and one of the oldest in Brazil. It was founded around 1540 and like Salvador, is a “two floors” city : High City and Low City. The place enjoyed golden eras and the last one ended abruptly along with the ruin of cocoa plantations, which were the mainstay of local economy. Camamu, like the city of Valença, 46 miles noth and regular way to reach Morro de São Paulo, has no beaches. They both rest at the mouth of rivers and surrounded by majestic mangrove forests. This native vegetation is a Federal Government protected sanctuary and home of a large birds variety and uncounted animals, as well as the Atlantic Forest.

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Regional Information

Brazil: the very definition of glamour and opulence offers visitors a taste of life at its most interesting. {...}

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Ilha do Gato - Brazil, South America
Ilha do Gato Inquire
Brazil, South America
18.00 acres / 7.28 ha|USD 3,300,000
Ilha do Gato - Brazil, South America Ilha do Gato - Brazil, South America Ilha do Gato - Brazil, South America Ilha do Gato - Brazil, South America