Isla del Rey

Name:Isla del Rey
Region:Panama, Central America
Location:Pearl Archipelago
Development:Partially Developed
Type:Private Island
Price:Upon Request
Status:For Sale
Size:4320.00 Acres / 1,748.24 HA
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About Isla del Rey

Amongst the 225 islands in the Archipelago Las Perlas in Panama, the largest island is Isla del Rey (331,151,386 square meters).

The fully titled ocean front property offered for sale is 4320 acres (17,490,000 square meters priced at $7 a square meter) on the north side of Isla del Rey, the largest of the 225 islands in the Archipelago Las Perlas.

The property has two large rivers as boundaries and a large river in the middle. It is near the town of San Miguel, the developement of Isla Viveros and the developed island of Contadora. It has 5 kilometers of coast line with small beaches and mostly pristine mangroves. The property rises from the coastline up to the top of the mountains where the rivers are born.


The Pearl Archipelago (Archipelago Las Perlas) on the Pacific side of Panama is still in its pristine state except Contadora which has been developed into a full-fledged resort island with shopping facilities, hotels and private villas.


Access to Panama is mainly through the International Airport of Tocumen (PTY). The local Airport is in the old canal zone base in the City of Panama. From this local airport, there are 20 minute flights available to the main island or Isla del Rey. By boat it takes around four hours, leaving from the city of Panama. Another island being developed is Viveros. The island of Viveros project includes an international airport. This project is very close, a boat ride from Viveros to the property takes less than twenty minutes.


The area is still not discovered by real estate investors, so the islands could maintain their natural beauty, but chances are that this archipelago will sooner or later be discovered and developed. Isla del Rey especially because of its extensive beaches, will most likely become a hub in the future.

The owner may enjoy many activities on this island, but the best activity will be watching both palm trees and prices grow. To inspect the properties you must be able to walk 100 meters in a 45 degree incline in tropical conditions with your belongings, or we suggest you send a surveyor who can.

There are rustic accommodations available including a local restaurant, where one must not be late! The San Miguel airport runway has been recently repaved with cement and is in great condition. The airport borders the river that limits the property to the east and to the west lies the town of San Miguel. It is the biggest traditional town of the archipelago has been in existence for centuries. Fishing is big with the locals and there is a pool of good help available. The mayor has a seat in the town, police, church and a fire house. There are small stores and two bars. The trek needs some fortitude and a sense of adventure.

The Panama Gulf is in the Pacific Ocean and is approximately 2,400 square kilometers. The archipelago is in the eastern part of the gulf. The mangroves are plentiful in the area and include avicennia tonduzii which is an indigenous species found only along the coasts of Costa Rica, Panama and in northeastern Colombia.

For more details on this large, unique and beautiful development opportunity, please Inquire for more information.
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Regional Information

This verdant and varied country boasts immense tracks of unspoiled beauty including tropical rainforest, {...}

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Isla del Rey - Panama, Central America
Isla del Rey Inquire
Panama, Central America
4320.00 acres / 1,748.24 ha|Price Upon Request
Isla del Rey - Panama, Central America Isla del Rey - Panama, Central America Isla del Rey - Panama, Central America Isla del Rey - Panama, Central America