Isla San Pedro

Name:Isla San Pedro
Region:Chile, South America
Development:Partially Developed
Type:Private Island
Price:Upon Request
Status:For Sale
Size:16000.00 Acres / 6,474.97 HA
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About Isla San Pedro

Isla San Pedro offers a doorway into the ancient world, where unique species of flora and fauna still flourish, and history is an open book. Located in the southern region of Chile in South America, Isla San Pedro offers stunning views of the lower Andean mountains, natural lakes, and a wealth of natural history. Charles Darwin surveyed the island in 1834 on his Voyage of the HMS Beagle. This Patagonian paradise is now on the market and it is an unparalleled opportunity.

The resort potential of the island is overwhelmingly positive. One can easily imagine the guests of a nature research center and resort facility on the island, coexisting peacefully with the natural world that surrounds them. Boating, hiking, camping, nature photography, bird watching, kayaking, fishing and other activities are perfect fits for the island.

The island is reached on the Greater Island of Chiloe. Chiloe is a lush, picturesque area in the northern Patagonian region of Chile that features evergreen forests, rolling hills dotted with farms, and charming coastal fishing villages. Chiloe is located south of Puerto Montt in Chile's Lakes Region. The nearest village to Isla San Pedro on Chiloe is Quellon, which marks the end of the road of the Pan American Highway, which begins in Anchorage, Alaska. The island is a natural paradise - rainbows of colorful wild flowers splash across the island.

Influenced by Spanish colonial settlement and the Huilliche Indians, the local culture is distinctive and unique. Lovely old wooden churches, arts and crafts, friendly locals called Chilotes, freshly-caught seafood, and a rich history filled with regional folklore are yours to discover in Chiloe. No matter which season you visit the island, there is something beautiful to find here every time.

Chile borders Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. They are all democratic countries with representative governments who are pursuing sound policies for steady growth and stability. The Chilean government supports strong financial institutions, and actively encourages foreign investment, providing foreign companies with the same legal protections and rights as any domestic company.

Foreign investors will find that Chile is a hospitable business environment. The country's bond rating is the highest in all of South America, and Chile now has a Free Trade Agreement with the United States, opening up even more opportunities.

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Regional Information

Chile is the longest country in the world, stretching almost 5000 km (3100 miles) down the western coast {...}

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Isla San  Pedro - Chile, South America
Isla San Pedro Inquire
Chile, South America
16000.00 acres / 6,474.97 ha|Price Upon Request
Isla San  Pedro - Chile, South America Isla San  Pedro - Chile, South America Isla San  Pedro - Chile, South America Isla San  Pedro - Chile, South America