Kanacea Island

Name:Kanacea Island
Region:Fiji, South Pacific
Location:Lau Island Group
Development:Partially Developed
Type:Private Island
Price:USD 26,000,000 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:3085.00 Acres / 1,248.46 HA
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About Kanacea Island

Kanacea Island is made up of seven volcanic summits rising to 259m, creating a lush, green landscape. This 3085 acre island is circled by white sandy beaches, fringing reefs and a large lagoon with deep water access to the old jetty on the north eastern side of the island.

The Lau Group is renowned for its pristine beaches, abundant sea life and beautiful azure waters. Kanacea has several fresh water springs, and the island has just been certified as organic.

The Island has some basic infrastructure, roads and even an area for an airstrip. There was once a thriving copra plantation on Kanacea, and the plantation manor and several out buildings still remain. The island is currently operating as a coconut plantation, and the tropical acreage hosts natural populations of cattle, goats, pigs and chickens.

This opportunity provides a variety of options for the discerning developer and is large enough to accommodate a large spectrum of development possibilities, including tourism, agriculture and private residences.

Kanacea is freehold, and freehold property is a rare commodity in Fiji, there is only 8% of Fiji that is freehold and of the 332 islands only 43 are left in with this status.

Kanacea Island is located in the Lau Islands Group situated in the southern Pacific Ocean just east of the Koro Sea. Kanacea sits in the Northern Lau Islands, 17.25˚ South and 179.171˚ east, 15km west of Vanua Balavu. Flight time from Nadi International airport is 1 hour to Vanua Balavu.

To view video, please visit... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4qFCbEGgyA&feature=youtu.be
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Regional Information

Fiji has become a popular host for private island resort development. The political turmoil in Fiji had {...}

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Kanacea Island - Fiji, South Pacific
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Kanacea Island Inquire
Fiji, South Pacific
3085.00 acres / 1,248.46 ha|USD 26,000,000
Kanacea Island - Fiji, South Pacific Kanacea Island - Fiji, South Pacific Kanacea Island - Fiji, South Pacific Kanacea Island - Fiji, South Pacific