Mehetia Island

Name:Mehetia Island
Region:French Polynesia, South Pacific
Location:100km east of Tahiti
Type:Private Island
Price:Upon Request
Status:For Sale
Size:741.30 Acres / 299.99 HA
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About Mehetia Island

This stunning island near Tahiti will transport you in time, and provide a glimpse of the earth when it was new and wild. Preserved by the previous owners to provide a home for many exotic birds and flowers, this beautiful isle is one of the most recent formations of the volcanic Society Islands.


Tahiti is served by numerous airlines from all major airports.
Mehetia is situated to 100 km (64 miles) to the East of Tahiti, this islet of 3 km2 possessed a mountain 435 m (1427 ft) of altitude .
It is the youngest island of the archipelago of the society.
Uninhabited, ruins of Marae show that she was it once.


The mehetia atoll has been practically uninhabited for years as was the wish of the owner who wanted to preserve the island as a natural area. The island is protected and currently serves as a paradise for all sorts of birds. From time to time, a few families would come and stay on the island, but only for the time of a copra crop.


Mehetia's atoll been a part of island of the wind and is administratively connected with the municipality of tautira.

Surface of emerged land is more than 228 hectares.

The island is protected by a coral reef

The island, without any house, is free from any constraints to build any construction wished.

Weather is always fine with a constant temperature of 25C.

Natural wells from a source at the bottom of one of the hills and rainwater provide water to the island.

Offshore, an anchorage is possible and a landing area could be built easily.

A marina could be also built.

The land part is planted with coconut palms, miki-miki and fara.

The fauna mainly consists of various sorts of vegetation.

Business Opportunities

French Polynesia is located in the heart of the development of the 21st century: The Pacific zone.

French Polynesia has good economic basis and high performances in export, tourism,

Schools provide skilled workers and managers.

Health, communications, way of life, level of equipment are the same than in any big countries.

French Polynesia helps investments with tax cuts and subsidies up to about 50% of the amount of the investment.

Mehetia is near TAHITI that the French Polynesia's government shall give soon a duty free port status.

That island will become a new centre of development in the South Pacific.

Mehetia is now the unique island that could be whole buy in French Polynesia.


A lot of reason can drive human being to search a piece of the Earth paradise for holidays or for the complete life.

With so such a wide array of fish, whales, corals and other exotic sea life, this is a special location to dive or snorkel. The area is also perfect for various water sports and game fishing.

For more information on this singular and beautiful island, Inquire now.
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Regional Information

French Polynesia is the stuff artists’ dream of… Gauguin was famous for his depiction of this romantic {...}

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Mehetia Island - French Polynesia, South Pacific
Mehetia Island Inquire
French Polynesia, South Pacific
741.30 acres / 299.99 ha|Price Upon Request
Mehetia Island - French Polynesia, South Pacific Mehetia Island - French Polynesia, South Pacific Mehetia Island - French Polynesia, South Pacific Mehetia Island - French Polynesia, South Pacific