Piaçabuçu Islands

Name:Piaçabuçu Islands
Region:Brazil, South America
Type:Private Island
Price:USD 79,500 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:81.58 Acres / 33.01 HA
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About Piaçabuçu Islands

The Piacabucu Island Group are six sizeable islands located in North Eastern part of the country on Brazil's fourth longest river, the Sao Francisco. The river is one of the most important in the country and known locally as the river of integration as it unites much of Brazil. All the islands feature stunning views of the river and contain large number of coconut and fruit trees.

The islands are located in the state of Alagoas between Traipu and the Foz where the river empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The Piacabucu Island Group are river islands (Sweet water), in the middle of the Sao Francisco river, where there are a numerous islands, mostly inhabited. The river is approx. a 2km wide with plenty of islands in the middle, mostly with very few, or no inhabitants. The area is growing as a tourist destination with interesting wildlife, picturesque views and colonial ruins doting the landscape.

All the Piacabucu islands are accessible by boat from Piacabucu or PBU as it is locally known. The beauty of the river and surrounding area coupled with the growth in tourist activities makes the Piacabucu Island Group an ideal investment for a developer or adventurous individuals who are looking to experience a new culture. There are no restrictions for foreign ownership and all islands are patrimony of the Union; the title of utilization being sold for 99 years, and which can been renewed, in case of interest of the owners. There are small yearly taxes to be paid, who vary from the size of the land.

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Regional Information

Brazil: the very definition of glamour and opulence offers visitors a taste of life at its most interesting. {...}

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Piaçabuçu Islands - Brazil, South America
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Piaçabuçu Islands Inquire
Brazil, South America
81.58 acres / 33.01 ha|USD 79,500
Piaçabuçu Islands - Brazil, South America Piaçabuçu Islands - Brazil, South America Piaçabuçu Islands - Brazil, South America Piaçabuçu Islands - Brazil, South America