Pond Cove Island

Name:Pond Cove Island
Region:Maine, United States
Type:Private Island
Price:USD 1,275,000 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:58.00 Acres / 23.47 HA
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About Pond Cove Island

Pond Cove Island is located about 85 highway miles and about one hour and 45 minutes drive southeast of Bangor, Maine. The current method of access to the island is by launching your own boat at the Roque Bluff State Park paved boat ramp. Pond Cove Island is located about 1,400 feet west of the boat ramp for quick easy access to the island. There is anchorage available by the boat ramp if you set a seasonal mooring so when you come to the main land for errands you will have a place to keep your island service boat. There is plenty of long term (free) automobile parking at the State Park ramp area.

Pond Cove Island has 58 acres with several gravel beaches and one sand beach area, lots of scenic ledges with some thick spruce and fir trees on a portion of the island. There are walking paths around most of the island. Deer and other wildlife are plentiful. The ocean water is deep on the south side facing open ocean. The water is shallow on about half the island which makes for great areas to walk and explore what the latest tide has delivered. There is one sand "spite" which runs out a long way from the tree line that is very scenic at low tide. There are clams available for the digging in a large cove on the "back side" of this 58 acre island. The difference between high tide and low tide is around 9 feet. The tide changes approximately every 12 hours plus 45 minutes.

There is a resident Osprey on the north side providing entertainment when he fishes daily in the back cove. Moose and deer are seen in the spring when they swim to the island to bear their young. The island is safer than the mainland for their very young when they are first born.
There is a cozy, low maintenance two story 960 square foot "salt box" style cottage with lots of glass looking out to open ocean to the southwest. It was designed to take advantage of island living. It was constructed by the current owners in 1994. The cottage sets about 25 feet above the level of the ocean and is about 100 feet from the shore. It is close enough to hear any surf running, day or night. There is a small deck facing the ocean. It has weathered cedar shingle siding with asphalt roof shingles. Windows are modern double pane casement that swing out.

The downstairs is one large room with a center support section and three areas. A kitchen with kitchen table and chairs with a "Candle Chandelier" above, a gas stove and gas refrigerator and a sink. There is also a living area with sofa type chairs as well as a sleeping area with one double bed. There is lots of glass with great insulation so the wood stove heats the cottage up quickly. The upstairs is basically one open room separated by the staircase entrance. There are two twin beds on one side of the entrance and a mattress on the floor on the other side.

There are two outbuildings. One is 8 feet by 12 foot at the rear of the cottage with a single bunk in one end and a tool storage area in the other end. There is a privy close by. The second is an 8 foot by 10 foot shed with a double bed positioned well away from the cottage off to the east in dense woods. It is reached by a trail thru the woods and is referred to by the present owners as the "Honey Hut" because several members of their family have gotten married on the island.

Water for the shower and cleaning is rain water caught in a large cistern and then pumped into the cottage. Electric power, when desired, is by generator.

This well designed cottage reminds you of the saying "Nice things come in small packages". People who prefer a large island to romp around with a small low maintenance cottage should love this island.

This large island is listed at $1,275,000, unfurnished.
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Maine's rocky coastline includes lighthouses, sandy beaches, quiet fishing villages and hundreds of offshore {...}

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Pond Cove Island - Maine, United States
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Pond Cove Island Inquire
Maine, United States
58.00 acres / 23.47 ha|USD 1,275,000
Pond Cove Island - Maine, United States Pond Cove Island - Maine, United States Pond Cove Island - Maine, United States Pond Cove Island - Maine, United States