Quoin Island

Name:Quoin Island
Region:Australia, South Pacific
Location:Gladstone, Queensland
Type:Private Island
Price:AUD 2,000,000 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:12.00 Acres / 4.86 HA
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About Quoin Island

Australia has some unique and spectacular coastlines, in particular: the Queensland Tropical Islands that are just kilometres from the mainland. Quoin Island is one of them.

This North facing Island, just off Gladstone, has to be one of the best kept island secrets. This Island has been in the family for years and has played host to many tropical balmy evening parties. This is a freehold island which is rare as most islands are leasehold. Freehold islands do not come on the market often.

This parcel of approximately 12 acres of freehold land is one of the last available pieces of absolute beachfront properties in Queensland. The Island has other residences within a community title on the remaining portion of this exquisite and unique piece of Australia as well as a commercial portion on the southern end.

This undeveloped land has the best vista and beaches within the Gladstone Harbour area, as the property encompasses a number of all tides absolute deep water beaches with its own private shell and sand gateway in which to land or moor your boat.

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Australia holds considerable fascination for people on the other side of the world and with good reason. {...}

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Quoin Island - Australia, South Pacific
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Quoin Island Inquire
Australia, South Pacific
12.00 acres / 4.86 ha|AUD 2,000,000
Quoin Island - Australia, South Pacific Quoin Island - Australia, South Pacific Quoin Island - Australia, South Pacific Quoin Island - Australia, South Pacific