San Miguel Archipelago

Name:San Miguel Archipelago
Region:Panama, Central America
Location:Gulf of San Miguel, Panama
Type:Private Island
Price:USD 2,000,000 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:163.00 Acres / 65.96 HA
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About San Miguel Archipelago

The four islands that comprise this archipelago, which are all fully titled, add to a total of 55 hectares + 2486 m2 in size, or approximately 163 acres. Located within one of the most beautifully preserved areas of Panama, this chain of four richly forested islands is a rare opportunity to purchase an entire archipelago. Covered in lush tropical foliage and with sweeping views of the Gulf of San Miguel, experience paradise in one of nature's most glorious natural environments.

The four islands comprising the archipelago total 55 hectares + 2486 m2 in size, or approximately 163 acres.

Isla Conejo (Rabbit Island) is 36 hectares + 965 m2
Isla Cabra (Goat Island) is 9 hectares + 477 m2,
Isla Flores (Flower Island) is 2 hectares + 922 m2
Isla Tallo (Stem Island) is 8 hectares + 122 m2,

All four of the islands are within a mile's distance from each other and are located in the Gulf of San Miguel, in the legendary Darien. This area is one of the best options for fishing in the country. Based on recent studies performed in the zone by the University of Miami, April and June are the best months for jewfish, snapper and weakfish fishing. For billfish, the best times are: between December and April for the black marlin, March and May for stripped and bleu marlin, and from May to July for sailfish.

Using the Google Earth Pro the island's locations are:

Conejo Island: 809763 E y 928042 N
Cabra Island: 807758 E y 927637 N
Flores Island: 808273 E y 926950 N
Tallo Island: 807870 E y 926771 N

The islands are located at about 5 km (3 miles) from the community of La Palma, which has a hospital, airport, police department and grocery stores. The coast, near to the archipelago, is part of the Chepigana Forest Reserve, which guarantees an inalterable natural landscape, avoiding overexploitation by tourism in the area. In this natural area, aboriginal (Embera and Wounan), mestizos and latinos communities are established. Each one of these communities has unique cultural characteristics that have been preserved over the years. These communities are really warm towards the tourists and it is possible to interact with them all year around.

The islands are only one hour and fifteen minutes away from the city of Panama if you take a commercial flight to La Palma and then a local boat than just take you there. By road, it takes about 4 hours from the city of Panama to the river and then a boat could take you to the islands in 20 minutes.

The islands feature small beaches, native vegetation, natural fishing grounds and soil of volcanic origin, ideal for the construction of permanent structures. Within the coastal marine management of the area, the archipelago is located inside a zone where industrial fishing is restricted, which is the reason why low intensity fishing is always guaranteed. The incredible beauty of the surrounding wilderness and convenience to La Palma's airport makes these islands a prime spot for ecotourism or a small resort.

All necessary legal transactions needed for the purchase of the islands are included in the negotiable price of US $2M.
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Regional Information

This verdant and varied country boasts immense tracks of unspoiled beauty including tropical rainforest, {...}

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San Miguel Archipelago - Panama, Central America
San Miguel Archipelago Inquire
Panama, Central America
163.00 acres / 65.96 ha|USD 2,000,000
San Miguel Archipelago - Panama, Central America San Miguel Archipelago - Panama, Central America San Miguel Archipelago - Panama, Central America San Miguel Archipelago - Panama, Central America