Tambor and Magotes Island...

Name:Tambor and Magotes Islands
Region:Panama, Central America
Location:Isla Grande
Type:Private Island
Price:USD 2,500,000 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:15.30 Acres / 6.19 HA
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About Tambor and Magotes Islands

Grouped together these spectacular Caribbean islands - Tambor, and the 2 Mogotes - represent an incredible opportunity.

These islands are close to Isla Grande where Gustave Eiffel (yes the one with the tower) built the lighthouse. Most of the pictures here are taken from the lighthouse.

Tambor measures 4 hectares, and the Mogotes 1.5 and 0.7 hectares. All three islands are titled.

This pristine area is quickly being discovered by tourists and many foreigners have built their second homes on the shores. Sea life is abundant in this area where pirates used to roam and wrecks of the Spanish Armada are being found.

The islands are lush and green and despite not having white beaches they are truly paradises; ideal for a tropical hideaway for those that cherish nature, privacy , but still like to dine in one of the French restaurants on the mainland.

This package deal can be yours for only 2.5 Million USD

About the Area: Chagres National Park

Chagres is located on the eastern side of the Panama Canal, between the provinces of Panama and Colon. Created to protect the tropical rainforest around the rivers that run through the park and which are the main source of water for the Panama Canal, Chagres has a surface area of 129,000 hectares (300,000 acres).

The main objective of the park is to preserve the natural forest of which it consists, in order to produce water in sufficient quantities and of adequate quality to guarantee normal operations of the Panama Canal, as well as supplying power and drinking water to the cities of Panama, Colon and La Chorrera.

For the Canal to continue working properly, it is necessary to maintain the water levels, as each ship passing through the locks needs about 52 million gallons of non-recoverable sweet water.
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Regional Information

This verdant and varied country boasts immense tracks of unspoiled beauty including tropical rainforest, {...}

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Tambor and Magotes Islands - Panama, Central America
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Tambor and Magotes Island... Inquire
Panama, Central America
15.30 acres / 6.19 ha|USD 2,500,000
Tambor and Magotes Islands - Panama, Central America Tambor and Magotes Islands - Panama, Central America Tambor and Magotes Islands - Panama, Central America Tambor and Magotes Islands - Panama, Central America