Tanglewood Island Propert...

Name:Tanglewood Island Property
Region:Washington, United States
Location:Short distance from Seattle/Tacoma area
Type:Island Parcel
Price:USD 795,000 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:3.20 Acres / 1.29 HA
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About Tanglewood Island Property

Tanglewood Island in the Puget Sound of Washington State is located near the picturesque town of Gig Harbor, just a short distance from the Seattle/Tacoma area. This is a unique opportunity to own one of four private residences located on the island.

Tanglewood is accessible by private boat - an easy 3 minute commute. This historic waterfront home is situated on 3.2 acres and includes 25% ownership in community properties. Built in 1904, the residence has been completely remodelled - keeping its historic charm, yet enhanced by the addition of modern conveniences. With breathtaking views of the sound, this serene and quiet setting makes a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

History of Tanglewood Island

Tanglewood Island was initially mentioned in the first
authentic survey of Puget Sound in 1791. Lt Charles Wilkes
spoke of it in a narrative of 1845.

In 1896, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad L. Hoska and a party of fellow Tacomans spent the day cruising the waters of Puget Sound, stopping at Sylvan on Fox Island to eat lunch. Mrs. Hoska glanced at the little island that looked like a "big green bouquet" set in sparkling water. If I had a million dollars, I would buy that little island and have it for my own small Kingdom, she dreamed out loud. She forgot the remark as soon as it was spoken. A few days later, Mr. Hoska entered his home on North D. Street in Tacoma and smilingly remarked, "Well, my dear, I don't think you will have to wait for the million to get that island."

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Regional Information

Washington is bounded by the Pacific to the west and British Columbia to the north. This state is home {...}

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Tanglewood Island Property - Washington, United States
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Tanglewood Island Propert... Inquire
Washington, United States
3.20 acres / 1.29 ha|USD 795,000
Tanglewood Island Property - Washington, United States Tanglewood Island Property - Washington, United States Tanglewood Island Property - Washington, United States Tanglewood Island Property - Washington, United States