Tarpon Caye

Name:Tarpon Caye
Region:Belize, Central America
Location:15 miles from Placencia
Type:Private Island
Price:USD 650,000 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:8.50 Acres / 3.44 HA
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About Tarpon Caye

Tarpon Caye is one of the most recognized islands in the Placencia area and the entire southern Belize.

This island is divided into 2 parcels of which a small resort occupies the tip of the island and is NOT included in this sale. The remainder of the island is titled separately and measures about 8.5 acres of which 2 acre has been filled and finished to show the possibilities of the island. The rest is mixed mangrove and solid land. Hundreds of coconuts and other natural and conservation vegetation has been re-planted. Supreme location, only 15 miles from the village of Placencia. So a short boat ride brings you instantly to paradise.

There is of course excellent fishing, that’s how it gained its name and historic reputation as fishing paradise destination. If you are not into fishing or you have other plans for your dream island, no problem! The island is surrounded by amazing coral, also offers snorkeling right of the island. The whale shark habitats and many dive sites are all nearby. This island is located about 6 miles from the barrier reef. It is also an ideal spot for mooring a sailboat in the protected lagoons created by the island. Check it out for yourself: The aerial pictures do not lie: it is an exceptional place.
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Regional Information

Belize, an English speaking country in Central America on the Caribbean Sea, offers visitors verdant {...}

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Tarpon Caye - Belize, Central America
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Tarpon Caye Inquire
Belize, Central America
8.50 acres / 3.44 ha|USD 650,000
Tarpon Caye - Belize, Central America Tarpon Caye - Belize, Central America Tarpon Caye - Belize, Central America Tarpon Caye - Belize, Central America