Tiger Point

Name:Tiger Point
Region:Belize, Central America
Location:Southern Lagoon with access to Carribean via Bar River
Type:Private Island
Price:USD 6,400,000 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:359.00 Acres / 145.28 HA
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About Tiger Point

Tiger Point is a 359 acre peninsula within the Southern Lagoon of Belize. Integral to the identity of the land itself, the beautiful Southern Lagoon offers not only fun and relaxation, but essential protection from Caribbean debris and weather as well. Tiger Point is like a private island, but better.

The property technically consists of a primary peninsula and a secondary island to the west. The landscape has an average elevation of about 10 feet and is mainly savanna with occasional sand flats, jungles, and mangroves. Relative to other properties around the lagoon, Tiger Point's topography has the distinct advantage of remaining dry and usable during Belize's rainy season.

The vast Southern Lagoon typically does not get deeper than neck level and is teeming with aquatic life, including sport fish and a uniquely large manatee population. The shores of the Southern Lagoon are largely undeveloped, and typically the waters of the lagoon are traversed by no more than five boats a day. The north and east edges of the lagoon feature convenient channels that lead to Belize City and the Caribbean Sea.

Enjoy the private beaches on both sides of Tiger Point. Entering the water is refreshing and safe. There are no rock or coral outcroppings, and lagoon depth is generally shallow.

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Regional Information

Belize, an English speaking country in Central America on the Caribbean Sea, offers visitors verdant {...}

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Tiger Point - Belize, Central America
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Tiger Point Inquire
Belize, Central America
359.00 acres / 145.28 ha|USD 6,400,000
Tiger Point - Belize, Central America Tiger Point - Belize, Central America Tiger Point - Belize, Central America Tiger Point - Belize, Central America