Wild Berry Cay

Name:Wild Berry Cay
Region:Bahamas, Caribbean
Location:Berry Islands
Type:Private Island
Price:USD 3,950,000 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:100.00 Acres / 40.47 HA
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About Wild Berry Cay

Wild Berry Cay is a great island located just 2 miles north of Chub Cay with a rejuvenated club, marina and 5,000 ft air strip with a port of entry. This cay has good elevations – up to 40 ft. It is approximately 1/2 mile wide & 1 mile long. Located in exceptionally fine fishing area and has mostly black fertile soil.

Wild Berry Cay (AKA Cockroach Cay) is a beautiful and uninhabited virgin island in close proximity to Florida with Approximately 100 acres of land and incredible views over the sand banks to the west and the sparking turquoise waters to the east. There are a number of pocket beaches that surround the island with some cut paths to access them and a small structure on the island.

There is good deep water access on the eastern side of the island while still remaining protected as it is set back from the perimeter oceanfront ring of islands.

Wild Berry Cay is one of the best private island opportunities on the market at this time and will make a beautiful private family retreat or resort development with easy access to the port of entry Chub Cay.
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Regional Information

The Private Islands of the Bahamas are the stuff of daydreams when it comes to luxury tropical real estate. {...}

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Wild Berry Cay - Bahamas, Caribbean
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Wild Berry Cay Inquire
Bahamas, Caribbean
100.00 acres / 40.47 ha|USD 3,950,000
Wild Berry Cay - Bahamas, Caribbean Wild Berry Cay - Bahamas, Caribbean Wild Berry Cay - Bahamas, Caribbean Wild Berry Cay - Bahamas, Caribbean