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FAQs about Living on an Island

By Richard Little of San Diego, USA - talking about his island in the Philippines.

| I guess the idea of buying an island, in a tropical setting as close to Paradise as one is likely to get on this planet, appeals to most everyone. The advantages seem indisputable: the beauty of the sea enclosing neighbouring islands, the warm mild climate with plenty of rain splashing through the sunshine, the sea shore and its myriad treasures, the peaceful quiet that envelops you when you leave telephones, cars, neighbours, billboards, and the crush of urban life behind. And all their costs easily manageable by retired schoolteachers like me.

The appeal of this fantasy usually lasts until one starts thinking about actually living in such a place. Then the tough questions start. In several years of living on the island of San Dian, I have been asked these questions many times and offer here a few reflections, if not answers.

Don't you get bored?

Yes, sometimes. Was I ever bored in San Diego? Sure, sometimes. Once you retire from active work, you inevitably face the often difficult adjustment to inactivity, to not having a place to go every day, filling 16 hours a day with whatever you can find to do.

In my retirement years in San Diego, I found that the city itself provided some of the answers, and that they were mostly the wrong answers. The availability of endless shopping opportunities, entertainments, places to go, things to do, taking care of the bills, maintaining a house, keeping up with the yard, dealing with salesman, customer service reps, unresponsive claims officers and the endless traffic can press down a person like a heavy weight.

When you leave all that, you have to find a different answer for those 16 hours a day, and the environment of a remote island doesn't provide nearly as many answers as a crowded city. So you have to fall back on your own resources. For me that has been a satisfying challenge

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