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    Nsonga Island - Uganda, Africa

    Nsonga Island

    Uganda, Africa

    Nsonga Island is surrounded by white sandy beaches, forest and hill and has a good view of Entebbe.

    149 acres / 60.30 ha  |  Freehold  |  Private Island

    USD 1,500,000 View save
  • Kui Island - Kenya, Africa

    Kui Island

    Kenya, Africa

    A stunning Indian Ocean island located just off of the coast of Kenya, and very suited to eco-tourism or luxury resort development.

    10 acres / 4.05 ha  |  Freehold  |  Private Island

    EUR 1,850,000 View Save
  • Taghaghien Island - Egypt, Africa

    Taghaghien Island

    Egypt, Africa

    A highly unique offering in Egypt's tranquil Lake Siwa, a eco-friendly boutique resort surrounded by stunning mountain views.

    9 acres / 3.80 ha  |  Leasehold  |  Private Island

    USD 3,000,000 View Save
  • Koome Island - Uganda, Africa

    Koome Island

    Uganda, Africa

    Located only 45 mins. from shore, Koome Island is 3053 acres of unspoiled, freehold land on famed Lake Victoria.

    3,053 acres / 1,235.51 ha  |  Freehold  |  Private Island

    USD 4,000,000 View Save
  • Valiha Island - Madagascar, Africa

    Valiha Island

    Madagascar, Africa

    Lying north-west of Madagascar, Valiha is a unique property ideally suited to a magnificent luxury hotel complex.

    950 acres / 384.45 ha  |  Leasehold  |  Private Island

    EUR 4,000,000 View Save
  • Kisite Marine Park - Kenya, Africa

    Kisite Marine Park

    Kenya, Africa

    This offering includes four islands located in their own marine park. Marine life is abundant and the snorkelling is reknowned.

    53 acres / 21.45 ha  |  Leasehold  |  Private Island

    USD 16,000,000 View Save