The warm Caribbean breezes and perfect powdery beaches of Antigua are a part of the small nation's allure, but this former British colonial outpost also provides a unique look into the region's historic past. Since its quite accidental discovery by Christopher Columbus in 1493, the small i... + Read More sland country has long attracted overseas interest with its beauty, charm and abundant flora and fauna. The island today is a mecca for coral-reef divers, sun worshipers and those intrigued by the country's colonial architecture and colourful native culture.

Antigua Foreign Ownership
Based on its natural beauty and status as a tax haven, Antigua is a prime location for non-residents looking to buy Caribbean property. There are a few restrictions to owning property in Anguilla, but 100% foreign ownership is permitted. Further, the island has a strong business climate, is politically stable and the government generally encourages foreign investments. Non-citizens are required to obtain a Non-Citizen Land Holding License to purchase property in Antigua.
Acquiring the license takes between 3 to 6 months and cost 5% of the value of the property you are interested in purchasing. Each license is specific to a specific piece of property, so make sure you have found the right land before applying for the license.

As with all property purchases in a foreign country, it is advisable to retain the service of a lawyer who is familiar with Anguillan property law.   - Read Less


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