Brazil: the very definition of glamour and opulence offers visitors a taste of life at its most interesting. The majority of private islands, like the Brazilians themselves, are located on the Atlantic coast. Most islands lie in the Bahia region, or north and south of Rio de Janeiro. This ... + Read More region is popular because it doesn’t suffer the same weather extremes as the majority of South America. Brazil's beaches are unrivalled and the same holds true for its private island properties. If you are considering buying property in Brazil make sure to retain the services of a reputable Brazilian real estate attorney.

Brazil Foreign Ownership Info
The government in Brazil allows freehold ownership of land by foreigners with few restrictions on the type of property. A private island buyer should obtain specific legal advice concerning the island in question, as there are stipulations on areas near the coast, near the border and areas of national security. Non Brazilians will need to obtain a CPF number in order to buy real estate - it’s like a social insurance number. The purchaser should be in Brazil to obtain this number and it usually only takes a few days.   - Read Less


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