In Ireland it is still possible to purchase a private island, with a castle, for under a million dollars. Larger islands in southern Ireland cost considerably more, but you’ll get acres of rolling green hills and unspoiled coastline. Ireland has a lot going for it: friendly locals, rocky... + Read More hills, farmland and afternoons telling tall tales at the local pub. The soil and streams are the cleanest in Europe. The Irish will often tell you they have all four seasons in a day. Ireland’s climate is warmer than most of Europe, but with its high humidity, it closely resembles Seattle. Island investors can be assured of good quality of life in Ireland.

Ireland Foreign Ownership Info
In Ireland, there are basically no restrictions on foreign ownership. Until recently, the economy of Ireland has seen tremendous growth, causing some to wonder if relaxed foreign investment laws for real estate could have the same effect elsewhere. Regardless of the lack of restriction and ease of purchase for foreigners, retaining the services of a knowledgeable solicitor familiar with Irish real estate law can make the process even easier.   - Read Less


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