Haggerstone Island

Multi-Award Winning Resort — Jaguar Award for Excellence — Australian Gourmet Traveller, and listed No 1 Destination for the 21st Century in “Conde Nast Traveller” U.S.A.,2002. Rated 5 star by Eco Hotels of the World and voted No 1 "The Place you must visit before you die" by Channel 9 Getaway.

Cast away in the remote regions of Far North Queensland, Haggerstone Island turns the notion of fictional paradise i ...

Multi-Award Winning Resort — Jaguar Award for Excellence — Australian Gourmet Traveller, and listed No 1 Destination for the 21st Century in “Conde Nast Traveller” U.S.A.,2002. Rated 5 star by Eco Hotels of the World and voted No 1 "The Place you must visit before you die" by Channel 9 Getaway.

Cast away in the remote regions of Far North Queensland, Haggerstone Island turns the notion of fictional paradise into reality. 600kms north of Cairns, adjacent to the virtually uninhabited coast, near the tip of Cape York, the island lies in a region where man barely exists.

Roy and Anna Turner have put thirty years of their lives into extending the beauty of the island with everything they have created. Their hand crafted free form buildings of varying style are placed gently in the island jungle, giving the feeling they have been there forever. The main building captures the imagination; heavy beams, high thatched roof, light flickering from the cooking fire. At the ocean, a thatched jetty hovers over a lagoon that vibrates with fish life.

While the small island is undeniably lovely, the Turners' back yard makes the resort unique; the lagoons, reefs and open ocean of the Northern Great Barrier Reef spread for hundreds of virtually untouched kilometres at one of the outer edges of the continent. It is this region that the Turners can access and explore with ease.

The Turners now have a family; Sam 18years and Tasha 15years and it naturally follows that the island and its staff are family friendly. Children warm to the escape from deadlines, uniforms, television and parental boundaries. They can live out the fantasy of Swiss Family Robinson.

Visitors to the island come from all points of the globe. They come to experience adventure, seclusion and the unique island holiday that is Haggerstone.

Transfer from Cairns to Haggerstone Island is via Private Air Charter, flying time is approximately two hours.

Fishing, snorkelling, boat excursions, all meals and non-alcoholic beverages are included in your tariff.

Island Structures

Haggerstone Island has Six principal Structures

All huts are serviced daily and contain:

Hot and cold running water
Queen sized, single & day beds with romantic mosquito netting
Gas cooking facilities
12/240 volt power
Shower and toilet
Lounge and deck areas
Laundry service

House Mawu - The brand new House Mawu is a three bedroom fully self-contained home. House Mawu was designed exclusively by Roy and is, without doubt, his best yet. The house is located on the hillside overlooking the big lagoon. With an open plan, thatched roofs and starlit bathrooms, it is the ultimate designer's dream of island seclusion.

The Main Pavilion- where all meals are enjoyed at a large communal table or around the open fire. There is also a library, comfortable couches and daybed, bar, open kitchen and two bathrooms. Communication systems, medical, phone, fax and stores are located here.

The Lagoon Hut- situated on the big lagoon and comfortably sleeps 2 adults or a family of 4. This hut is a timber round house and features an expansive deck with dramatic views overlooking the big lagoon.

The Kwila Hut- set under the canopy of Coral trees with decks looking toward the reef this hut comfortably sleeps 2 adults or a family of 4. Handcrafted from New Guinea Kwila timber this round house contains an interesting collection of New Guinea artifacts.

The Beach Hut- the most secluded and rustic hut constructed largely of driftwood with large shutters which can be opened out to embrace the wilderness. This hut is set directly on the beach and sleeps 2 adults or a family of 3. A separate completely private shower and toilet are located under the coconut palms.

Jetty- a gorgeous place to sit, relax and watch the schools of fish, the jetty has a thatched roof and a cooking fire and overlooks the big lagoon.


With a group of 8 guests, Haggerstone can be your own private island get away.

Get together a group of only eight to ten people and we will hold the island exclusively for your use. Excursions can be tailored to your wishes. Spectacular meals created to your tastes. Each day programmed so as your stay on the island is the best you could wish for. With this offer you also pay the lowest all inclusive* accommodation rate.a

* Inclusive of excursions, meals, activities, equipment hire, and Wifi, only alcohol is extra. Minimum stay, seven nights.


Today the garden is a pleasure to walk through. Passionfruit compete with guado and snake beans. The vines of tropical butternut and squashes have to be coaxed away from beds of rocket salad and bokchoy. Basil, coriander and parsley compete for space with lemongrass and ginger. Kaffir lime, mango and curry trees grow randomly along the paths.

For breakfast, papaya or banana are picked fresh off a tree and served with lime juice. Fresh toasted coconut flavours the home made muesli. The rich yellow yolks of our eggs are from free roaming fowls fed largely on coconut, fish and garden surplus.

Lunch may be of oysters steamed in the shell with sliced ginger and lemon grass or squid simmered quickly in sea water and then placed on a bed of rocket and drizzled with lime juice, olive oil and crushed garlic or a whole lobster thrown in the coals and served with lime and crushed pepper follows. For dinner, fresh slices of coral trout, marinated in lime and then cast into a bowl of freshly squeezed coconut cream; a red emperor is steamed with sesame oil, soy, ginger and garlic. Our love of food and a commitment to freshness and simplicity have guided our cuisine.

The sand cay is the ultimate dining area.....Candle lit table, setting sun and the calming swish of a darkening sea.



Fishing is good at all levels - rod, reel, spear or fly fishing, reef, ocean or river. As there is no human habitation for nearly one hundred miles, the grounds around us are rarely disturbed. Bait is caught off the island beach. Spear fishing is an every day method of food gathering. Reef fish and tropical crayfish are easily caught on nearby reefs and are easily accessed in the New Boat Jo Jo 111, which is 40Feet in length and has twin 700HP Jet propulsion capable of 40knots in shallow water.


Skin Diving and Snorkelling are at their best and safe all year round. Two clear water lagoons just off Haggerstone's beach put beautiful coral gardens right on your doorstep. Vast surrounding reef areas are easily accessible by boat from Haggerstone for skin diving and snorkelling. Also closeby we have discovered an 1840s shipwreck in a shallow reef garden. Its giant anchors, winching blocks and bronze keel bolts are all visible from surface snorkelling and make a memorable dive experience.


Haggerstone Island harbours a dense and varied bird population. Sunbirds, honeyeaters, coloured pigeons, eagles, kingfishers, finches, jungle fowls, pittas and many others have made it their home. Dawn is a kaleidoscope of sounds dominated by the soft coos of the bar shouldered doves.


The adjacent mainland beaches provide miles of adventurous beachcombing for a variety of shells and driftwood. Climb dunes to swim in parched freshwater lakes and then sandboard back to sea level.


Helicopter access to world heritage listed forests on the mainland, topical waterfalls and a myriad of sport fishing locations allows specific targeting of species and the opportunity to see the Great Barrier Reef from the air. Explore locations difficult to access, fish lagoons and estuaries on the uninhabited mainland, dine in style on distant sand cays, marvel at low level views of the wilderness surrounding Haggerstone.

With about 70% repeat bookings - Once Visited Never Forgotten!

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