Kenya sits along the east coast of Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean. The 'cradle of humanity', as Kenya is known, is home to quaint game lodges surrounded by exotic wildlife and pristine snorkelling off its coral reefs. In recent times, Kenya has been a hotspot for eco tourism, owing to ... + Read More its magnificent wildlife both above and below the water. Kenya hosts some of the continent's finest beaches and islands; white sand and colourful coral abounds. There is still a wild and dangerous edge to Kenya, but if you're sensible and adventurous, you will enjoy the friendly locals and the well organized and professional tourism infrastructure. Kenya is also the birthplace of the word 'safari' - a Swahili word meaning journey... Owning an island in Kenya promises a remarkable adventure.

Foreign Ownership in Kenya
There aren't a great number of restrictions on foreign buyers in Kenya. The majority of land in Kenya is owned by the government and available on long term leases of up to 99 years. However, as an emerging market, island purchases in Kenya must be undertaken with the strictest of due diligence. There are few legislative safeguards to protect the buyer, so an investor should approach with caution. It's better to seek a lawyer referral from your consulate or embassy rather than taking a personal recommendation. Be sure to conduct due diligence on any company or person you're considering hiring to assist in an island purchase. One should not make an offer to purchase without expert legal advice. An expert lawyer must look into the history of the property being bought by following the ownership trail through the land title deeds. When buying an island in Kenya, local knowledge should also be gathered about the history and ownership of the land in question. Title research is so important in Kenya because the country has had some problems with title deed forgery in recent times. Without proper research, buyers risk receiving fake title documents from vendors who do not have the right to sell a property. Tourism in Kenya is picking up and the land on offer in this part of the world is spectacular. Exercising caution and working with true professionals will ensure that your island purchase is a safe investment.   - Read Less

Kanu Private Island

The best of both worlds. 5 or more nights on your own exclusive private island, followed by two complimentary nights at our new Kairos beach-front villa in Placencia, Belize. Spend your days snorkeling the dramatic Belize Barrier Reef or take a thrilling fishing trip for the catch of the day.  Unwind with a relaxing massage by the pool, then dance the night away under the stars of your private beach. For groups of up to 10. Valid for remaining dates in 2023.



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