Central America

When it comes to islands, if it weren™t for the map telling you otherwise, a private island in Central America feels a lot like the Caribbean, but at half the price. The warm waters of the Caribbean sea lap at Central America™s east coast and its west coast faces the Pacific Ocean. Thi... + Read More s region offers all the same water sports as its Caribbean island neighbours; the snorkelling, diving and sailing are as good as you™ll find anywhere on the planet. With the second largest barrier reef in the world fringing the eastern side, you™ll be enjoying marine scapes until your heart™s content. English is spoken everywhere and whereas the crime rate is dropping, one still needs to keep their wits about them when travelling inland.

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A true private island experience for just one group at a time. Stunning location, ultra private, all inclusive, luxurious and located only a few hours flight from the USA and Canada. Gladden Private Island accomodates 2-4 people and Kanu Private Island accomodates larger groups.

Gladden (small groups)Kanu (larger groups)
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