Islands For Sale in 107, 32

  • Brekstad Island - Norway, Europe

    Brekstad Island

    Norway, Europe

    The island includes a house from the 1850s, but the island could be developed to include 20 waterfront residences with a small private marina.

    15 acres / 5.99 ha  |  Freehold  |  Private Island

    EUR 3,500,000 View Save
  • Krokholmen - Norway, Europe


    Norway, Europe

    Located near Bodo, the second largest city in Northern Norway, Krokholmen is a 50-acre resort island, ideal for development as a recreational or conference retreat.

    50 acres / 20.23 ha  |  Freehold  |  Private Island

    EUR 1,000,000 View Save
  • Efjord Island - Norway, Europe

    Efjord Island

    Norway, Europe

    Surrounded by an area which gives one of the most spectacular scenes with fjords and breath taking mountains including the Norwegian National Mountain, Efjord Island is well connected by road and boat.

    0 acres / 0.00 ha  |  Freehold  |  Island Parcel

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