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    Maosonon Island - Philippines, Asia

    Maosonon Island

    Philippines, Asia

    Mystery Island (or known locally as Maosonon Island) is an excellent getaway for sun-seekers who crave spectacular light and warm weather all-year long.

    112 acres / 45.39 ha  |  Freehold  |  Private Island

    USD 6,000,000 View Save
  • Archipelago Resorts - Philippines, Asia

    Archipelago Resorts

    Philippines, Asia

    Own a deluxe villa in Palawan, Phillipines. Ten private islands to choose from.

    1 acres / 0.25 ha  |  Leasehold  |  Private Island

    USD 1,450,000 View Save
  • Apo Island - Philippines, Asia

    Apo Island

    Philippines, Asia

    Situated in Barangay Bintuan, Coron, Palawan, Apo Island is a mountainous island covered in gorgeous fruit trees and surrounded by bright white beaches.

    2,147 acres / 868.84 ha  |  Freehold  |  Private Island

    USD 72,000,000 View Save
  • Calaguas Paradise Island Beach Resort - Philippines, Asia

    Calaguas Paradise Island Beach Resort

    Philippines, Asia

    Calaguas Paradise Cay Resort is a beautiful tropical island resort with kilometers of white sand beaches, palm trees, lush, green mountains, and warm waters that will become one of your favorite vacation getaways.

    19 acres / 7.77 ha  |  Freehold  |  Private Island

    Available Upon Request View Save
  • Coral Island - Philippines, Asia

    Coral Island

    Philippines, Asia

    A gorgeous, lush island in the desirable region of Palawan, complete with fresh water, lovely beaches and the potential to be a fabulous resort.

    67 acres / 27.00 ha  |  Leasehold  |  Private Island

    USD 5,000,000 View Save
  • Dumunpalit Island - Philippines, Asia

    Dumunpalit Island

    Philippines, Asia

    This 75-acre red-marble and volcanic-rock island, surrounded by coral reefs, is in the Mindoro Strait. View more at

    75 acres / 30.35 ha  |  Leasehold  |  Private Island

    USD 3,400,000 View Save