Services for Buyers

Private Islands offers island buyers a host of services that make the process of finding a suitable property almost as enjoyable as owning one. From the largest inventory of islands available on the web to our weekly island blog, monthly island newsletter and bi-annual print publication, Private Islands gives buyers everything they need to discover their ideal island.


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Private Islands Online

Private Islands Online Screenshot Established in 1999, the Private Islands Online (PIO) website is an institution in the private island industry. The first service to unite the previously fragmented island business, our highly popular website is often the first and only place that owners, brokers and agents list their properties; ensuring the largest and most up-to-date selection of islands to choose from. With over 500 active listings featuring big, beautiful images as well as a host of new and innovative mapping tools, PIO is the most comprehensive information source for buyers. With approximately 4 million visitors a year, the largest inventory of islands available anywhere and the most relevant online resources, PIO is the center of the island world.

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Private Islands Magazine

Available by subscription and at finer bookstores across the globe, Private Islands Magazine is the only publication of its kind dedicated to bringing buyers the latest inventory of islands available. Every issue contains over 100 pages of oversized, glossy images and articles featuring more than 50 island properties for sale or rent, making Private Islands Magazine a must-have for any serious island buyer.

Private Islands Newsletter

Issued monthly, the Private Islands Newsletter introduces buyers to the newest properties to hit the market. Offering price and property changes, a window into upcoming investment regions as well as updates on company projects and general news of interest, The Private Islands Newsletter is an ideal means of keeping buyers informed with the latest events taking place in the island world.


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The Private Islands Blog

Updated frequently, the Private Islands Blog gives buyers the chance to learn about the latest developments in the island world. From new, interesting and unusual island listings to the latest in island services and must have accessories to updates on island policies and politics, the Private Islands Blog is the discerning buyer’s island lifestyle guide.

Island Buyer's Guide

the Private Islands’ Buyer’s Guide is an invaluable resource that offers you a wealth of information on the most important elements of private island ownership. From your initial search to a few important questions to consider to an overview of island regions through to regulatory consideration and insights into developing your island, the Private Islands’ Buyer’s Guide will help direct you from the initial inquiries through to the final sale.


Private Island Buyer's Guide

Virtual Island Broker

The Virtual Island Broker helps connect serious buyers with privacy-conscious sellers. The VIB opens the doors to the hidden island market for buyers by enabling privacy-conscious sellers to market the details of their island confidentially. Our in-depth knowledge and years of experience in this complex field have enabled us to develop a technology for accurately matching serious buyers with their dream properties- whether or not the island is publicly listed. If you can’t find your property on Private Islands Online, perhaps it is time to consider registering for the VIB.


Virtual Island Broker

Private Island Travel

 Islands for Rent inspires potential buyers on the journey to private island ownership. With more than 200 islands - many available on an exclusive basis - Islands for Rent is your opportunity to test drive the island experience and find out exactly what kind of island is right for you.