Hat Caye

Name:Hat Caye
Region:Belize, Central America
Location:Southwest of Long Caye
Development:Partially Developed
Type:Private Island
Price:USD 399,000 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:0.70 Acres / 0.28 HA
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About Hat Caye

Hat Caye is 0.7 acre island located within the calm waters of the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, one of only four atolls in the Western Hemisphere, and is the home to two United Nations World Heritage Sites, the Great Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye National Parks. The atoll is recognized by sports enthusiasts and nature lovers as one of the few remaining gems in the Caribbean.

Lighthouse Reef Atoll is well known for its extraordinary opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling, photography, sailing, recreational and sport fishing, sea kayaking, bird watching, swimming, relaxing and exploring in the midst of Caribbean magnificence.

Hat Caye has never been formally developed. Today, a couple of fisherman shacks (a kitchen and sleeping quarters) sit on the caye. The caye also has a long pier with a 6-7 foot draft which will accommodate most boats capable of entering the atoll. It has some intermingled shore mangrove, sandy beach and coral oceanfront, and is sprinkled with healthy trees including palm, boxwood, and ziricote.


Given its natural landing area, helicopter service is now available for transportation to Hat Caye from Belize City and San Pedro. Hat Caye is about a 25-35 minute flight from either location. The Lighthouse Reef Atoll is about 45 miles east of Belize City in the Caribbean Sea. Hat Caye is a coral island within the Lighthouse Reef Atoll.

The caye sits only a few hundred yards from the reef wall drop-off at the edge of the atoll’s coral ring. Many legendary dive sites, such as the world famous Blue Hole, as well as the Aquarium, Cathedral and Silver Caves are nearby. The area offers, by many professionals’ assessment, the best diving in the Western Hemisphere. Approximately 3 miles to the north is Half Moon Caye, a Belizean National Park managed and protected by the Belize Audubon Society. Among numerous other species, it is home to one of the few nesting sites of the Red Footed Booby, as well as active nesting sites for protected Green Sea Turtles and Conch. Massive Grouper and Red Snapper spawning grounds frequented by Whale Sharks lay just off the shore of the Hat Caye.

Long Caye

Long Caye (600 acres) is the closest landmass to Hat Caye. Long Caye is less than 2 miles from Hat Caye. It has a 24 room Dive Resort and burgeoning development. Environmental guidelines/restrictions have been placed on Long Caye to permanently preserve the island's pristine character. However, there are no current development encumbrances on the title to Hat Caye.


Hat Caye is remote, yet accessible, reachable by boat, helicopter and seaplane. An airstrip is located on Northern Caye, approximately 20-25 minutes away by boat within the calm, shallow waters of the atoll. A traveler to Hat Caye could easily leave home in New England after an early breakfast and be on Hat Caye for dinner. The flight from Miami to Belize City is less than 2 hours, and the boat trip from Belize City to the Lighthouse Reef is also less than 2 hours. The flight from Belize City to the Lighthouse Reef is about 25 minutes. A helicopter pad could easily be integrated into the future design for the caye.

Development Potential

The Caye's close proximity to Long Caye and Northern Caye increases its value. The principals of Long Caye have created a 75 acre preserve on the southern tip of Long Caye, three miles away from Hat Caye, 10 minutes by boat. Plans include establishing an international non-profit organization whose mission will be to oversee and facilitate long-term stewardship and research of the entire atoll in partnership with US and international educational institutions, as well as local non-profits (NGO's).

The unique seclusion and privacy that Hat Caye offers combined with the surrounding natural environment and developing amenities make it a very special island. Hat Caye is envisioned as a world class, small scale, eco-resort or as a private retreat/residence. With an environmentally sustainable small-scale development plan in place, Hat Caye will be an attractive destination for discerning travelers looking for a private island retreat. Concept drawings and notes for a 5- bedroom, open air home for a private retreat or weekly rentals are available.

Hat Caye's unspoiled natural environment and abundant outdoor and underwater opportunities are waiting for the discerning traveler. Hat Caye represents an exceptional opportunity in a unique and private Caribbean location.
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Regional Information

Belize, an English speaking country in Central America on the Caribbean Sea, offers visitors verdant {...}

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Hat Caye - Belize, Central America
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Hat Caye Inquire
Belize, Central America
0.70 acres / 0.28 ha|USD 399,000
Hat Caye - Belize, Central America Hat Caye - Belize, Central America Hat Caye - Belize, Central America Hat Caye - Belize, Central America