Lovango Cay

Name:Lovango Cay
Region:US Virgin Islands, Caribbean
Location:Cruz Bay
Type:Private Island
Price:Price Upon Request
Status:For Sale
Size:5.00 Acres / 2.02 HA
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About Lovango Cay

The lure of an off-the-grid tropical paradise can be powerful for many, but savvy and eco-conscious modern home buyers know that paradise tends to come at a high price: remoteness can often mean an utter lack of nearby amenities, spotty-at-best connectivity to the real world when it’s needed in a pinch, and a disregard for environmental friendliness.

A unique development approach on Lovango Cay deftly overcomes these issues, helping you insert the paradise back into paradise. Conveniently nestled in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Lovango Cay Estates offer anultra-private location without any sacrifice of comfort or convenience. Here you’ll have direct access to world-class beaches, the luxurious Caneel Bay Resort, and the quaint village of Cruz Bay, all just 10 minutes away across sheltered waters on nearby St John.

The unique and progressive 44-acre Lovango Cay Estates community boasts an environmentally sensitive, self-sustaining infrastructure that includes a common solar array, generators, a reverse osmosis plant, underground utilities, broadband data services, wind turbines, and docks, along with comprehensive construction and property management services already in place.

The only continually inhabited outlying cay in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Lovango Cay comes with numerous distinctive legends, some more fact-based than others. One of the island’s more enduring (though least likely accurate) tales is the story of its own naming. A brothel on the island, goes the fable, was such a hot spot with bygone passing seamen that they dubbed the island “Love and Go.” Historians say it’s much more likely that the island was named after an African kingdom that served as a popular trading post in the 16th and 17th centuries, a theory that ties in with the similar histories of nearby Congo and Mingo Cays.

Views from Lovango Cay are astounding, with vistas that extend all the way to St. Thomas, and include St. John’s stunning north shore and large sections of protected hillsides within the vast Virgin Islands National Park. The island boasts a glorious array of native plants, including several varieties of large trees which serve as temporary homes to a diverse collection of local and migratory bird species. Offshore, a vibrant coral reef serves as a popular charter boat destination, bringing snorkelers and scuba divers to explore the island’s calm, protected waters. Further off shore one can often spot whales traveling through the area during the winter and spring months.

Access to Lovango Cay is a breeze, with St. Thomas’s Cyril E. King Airport lying 30 minutes away by car and boat, or just 10 minutes by available helicopter services. From St. John, direct major airline flights operate regularly to numerous cities on the U.S. mainland, including New York, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. Boaters can anchor vessels of any size just offshore on moorings maintained by the homeowners association, which also manages the island’s system of common roadways, electric infrastructure, communal docks, transport vessels, and a 52-foot custom-built barge for maintenance and construction.

Private and paradisiacal yet conveniently accessible, the Lovango Cay Estates are ideal for entertaining business associates, friends, and family. Two beautiful homes (each with three bedrooms and three bathrooms) are presently for sale, and several parcels of land have contractors and infrastructure firmly in place for custom building. Move-in ready villas start at $3.2 million USD, while undeveloped parcels are offered construction-ready from $650,000 USD.
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Lovango Cay - US Virgin Islands, Caribbean
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Lovango Cay Inquire
US Virgin Islands, Caribbean
5.00 acres / 2.02 ha|Price Upon Request
Lovango Cay - US Virgin Islands, Caribbean Lovango Cay - US Virgin Islands, Caribbean Lovango Cay - US Virgin Islands, Caribbean Lovango Cay - US Virgin Islands, Caribbean