Ram Island

Name:Ram Island
Region:Maine, United States
Location:Mouth of Machias Bay
Type:Private Island
Price:USD 200,000 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:16.00 Acres / 6.47 HA
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About Ram Island

Ram Island is the perfect Island for shared ownership. Two or three families sharing in the cost and building a structure for all to use. With six mild months, each family could easily spend a month alone, or everybody together.
On a huge 16 acre Island (Ram Island) there’s always so much to do and see, and at the same time there’s nothing you really need to do.
Imagine a campfire on you own beach and you’ve got three beaches. Sitting up with your family at night around the fire. What a wonderful opportunity to tell stories, to play games, or to just watch the sparks fly up into the dark. Then turn around and look up. You have never seen the Milky Way like this. Golden bright, stretching the full width of the sky. There are no houses, no street lights, no city, no lights anywhere, just the bright night sky. And, if you are lucky you may even see the Aurora Borealis.
Everyday is an adventure on the Island. There’s a mile of coastline, and a nineteen foot tide. The island coastline is always changing. Exploring the island becomes a daytime occupation. Huge rocks and crevices appear along the beaches at low tide. These rocks which tower above you are completely underwater by the end of the day. Beautiful little aquarium pools teeming with all sorts of life are there to discover.
The kids will find their special places, and there are so many. The great rock which defines the ocean side of the Island is a quarter of a mile long. There are scary cliffs, deep crevices you can walk right into, and huge flat sunbathing rocks. And the one constant is the sound of the ocean as it crashes against the rock. The sounds change as it slowly climbs up and down with the tide and the mood of the sea. There are thunder holes that that come and go, but mostly there’s just the continual cadence of the waves against rock.
You will need lots of poster paints. The smaller rocks on Ram Island are round and smooth, long and smooth, flat and smooth. Just begging to be painted.
You’ll pair off , Father and Daughter, Mother and son, and show each other the special places you have discovered. Then, maybe you’ll stop, and sit and talk, and watch the waves.
There’s always driftwood to gather from the various beaches for the evening fire. You can find boards, parts of docks, tree branches cleaned of all bark, and sometimes a boat. The evening fire becomes a tradition. The family gathering.
The days seem endless. The sky warm and blue and you're just wandering through the grass along the side of the great hill which towers sixty feet above the water. You lay down in the grass to watch a group of six gulls floating motionless above you riding the wind current. They hold their positions and you can see them look down at you. There’s nothing else you want to do more than this, so you stay and watch the Gulls.
Try to imagine how much the children can learn about the natural world. About the weather. You will spend almost all day outdoors. You watch the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening and clouds moving slowly across the sky. You feel the wind change direction. Maybe it will bring in the fog, which you can see as a white line on the horizon.
Ram Island, can give you the family experience you long for. A wonderful time for parents and children to bond and for the creation of life long memories. There is fantastic boating all around Ram. Scores of other islands, coves to explore, the second largest sand beach in Maine is four miles away on Rogue Island. Now is the time to create the best family future you can imagine on your own Island compound.

Live the Dream!
YOUR OWN PRIVATE ISLAND! Your own PRIVATE DOMAIN! You and your friends are free to do anything you want.

This 16+ acre island offers you a blank canvas, an opportunity to create anything you can imagine, your own work of art, your own masterpiece. One could imagine an amazing compound where friends come from all over to spend a few days on Ram Island.

Ram is a magical 16 acre island with OVER A MILE OF COASTLINE to explore. The island rises to a height of 60 feet - the height of a six story building! The tide rises and falls 18 feet, creating an ever-changing shoreline. Beautiful long stone beaches appear, soak up the sun for a few hours and then are gradually covered over again. The cycle repeats endlessly. The weather is temperate and allows the island to be enjoyed from mid April to the end of October.

The Island is far enough up the Maine coast that you rarely see a pleasure boat. There are no other homes visible anywhere. You are alone. Ram is the last island in a group of islands that step out from the mainland. These are uninhabited islands with only sheep as their tenants. Yet the next island to the east, Libby Island, has an unmanned lighthouse on it which sweeps a double beam across Ram at night.

Civilization though is not far away. Machias, the first big town, has everything one would need and is a half hour drive from where your car is parked. Bar Harbor is an hour and a half drive, and Boston is a 6 hour drive. There is a small airport in Machias and a first class commercial airport in Bar Harbor.

Where can you find this kind of privacy in America today? No one shows up unannounced. No one just happens by. It’s just you and your friends, the open ocean and the incredible wild nature of Ram Island.
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Maine's rocky coastline includes lighthouses, sandy beaches, quiet fishing villages and hundreds of offshore {...}

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Ram Island - Maine, United States
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Ram Island Inquire
Maine, United States
16.00 acres / 6.47 ha|USD 200,000
Ram Island - Maine, United States Ram Island - Maine, United States Ram Island - Maine, United States Ram Island - Maine, United States