Temple Island Australia

Name:Temple Island Australia
Region:Australia, South Pacific
Location:Cape Palmerstone, Queensland
Type:Private Island
Price:AUD 850,000 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:21.50 Acres / 8.70 HA
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About Temple Island Australia

This tropical Island is one of those rare gems situated 3km off the coast of Central Queensland. This island is easy to get to as it boasts its own private airstrip of 1100 metres, along with a 4 bedroom highset home set up high on the most magnificent vantage point of the island.

This Island is extremely well priced for an exotic Island of this size and has just been reduced for a quick sale. If nature is what you seek then this totally private 8.68 hectare (21.5 acres) retreat is just perfect with a rainforest and an abundance of orchids and exotic plants.

The fishing is just sensational and access is easy via a plane from Rockhampton or Mackay Airports, which are serviced by all the major domestic airlines into these two regional airports. Alternatively travel by boat from the mainland point of Ilbilbie off Cape Palmerston about an hour south from Mackay.

Some of the most outstanding features apart from the views of this Island are the great white sandy beaches as well as the undisturbed coral and oysters that are ready to eat directly off the rocks.

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Australia holds considerable fascination for people on the other side of the world and with good reason. {...}

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Temple Island Australia - Australia, South Pacific
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Temple Island Australia Inquire
Australia, South Pacific
21.50 acres / 8.70 ha|AUD 850,000
Temple Island Australia - Australia, South Pacific Temple Island Australia - Australia, South Pacific Temple Island Australia - Australia, South Pacific Temple Island Australia - Australia, South Pacific