Water Caye

Name:Water Caye
Region:Belize, Central America
Location:10 Miles from Belize City
Type:Private Island
Price:Price Upon Request
Status:For Sale
Size:511.00 Acres / 206.79 HA
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About Water Caye

Water Caye Island

Water Caye Island is located approximately twenty minutes from the mainland by boat and minutes from the world second largest barrier reef. The surrounding waters are ideal for sport fishing, deep sea diving or simply cruising the Caribbean Sea. Visitors flying into Belize are only a short boat ride away from this 511 (+/-) acre paradise. Geographically, this site is ideal for a world class, high end development like no other in this region.

Belize is a parliamentary democracy, a commonwealth realm, and therefore a member of the commonwealth of nations. The government of Belize aims to facilitate an environment conducive to investment from both local and foreign investors. Belize's policy to lure investors includes low property taxes. This policy attracts investors looking to buy real estate and individuals desiring to buy investment property or a vacation home.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region, Belize attracts millions of tourist every year, making tourism one of the country's largest industry.

The Water Caye Isle Resort

The Water Caye Isle Resort is located on Water Caye Island off the coast of Belize in Central America. Currently the resort is inactive, but can become operational in a matter of days.

This ten acre (+/-) private beach resort has the capacity to host as many as one thousand guests at any given time. Guest arrive at the dock by boat. Docking facilities were built to accommodate several tender boats at any one time.

The existing structures and plentiful coconut trees offer shelter from the warm sun. The resort beach stretches for a thousand feet ideal for sun lounging or a refreshing swim in the waters of Caribbean Sea.

Guest may also enjoy food and beverage while observing the beach goers from the comfort of anyone of several palapas. If guest prefer, they can move to one of the numerous mini palapas dotting the beach.

Other amenities include bathrooms equipped with toilets and changing facilities. For more fun in the sun, resort activities could include water sports, snorkeling, canoeing, jet skies, volley-ball and BBQ, to just name a few. Utilities include generator powered electricity and water for toilets.

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Regional Information

Belize, an English speaking country in Central America on the Caribbean Sea, offers visitors verdant {...}

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Water Caye - Belize, Central America
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Water Caye Inquire
Belize, Central America
511.00 acres / 206.79 ha|Price Upon Request
Water Caye - Belize, Central America Water Caye - Belize, Central America Water Caye - Belize, Central America Water Caye - Belize, Central America