Africa, the cradle of civilization, doesn't have an abundance of private islands for sale, but those that are available are spectacular. Islands for sale exist in Uganda's Lake Victoria, the largest tropical lake in world. The southern part of Uganda has been politically stable for almost ... + Read More 30 years, although parts of Uganda should be considered off-limits to visitors. Zambia may be landlocked, but the country hosts the spectacular Victoria Falls and the Zambezi river provides some interesting island opportunities.

There is no shortage of islands off the eastern coast of Africa. Just 1600 km (995 miles) east of Africa lies the Seychelles' 115 islands, some of which come onto the market now and then for private sale. With most of its islands outside the cyclone belt, extreme weather is rare, with the exception of the trade winds which make for good sailing. The Seychelles are renowned for their pristine beaches and secluded coves. Mauritius, the Jewel of the Indian Ocean, forms part of the Mascaren Archipelago, another volcanic island group off the east coast of Africa. From its earliest beginnings with pirates, through to the highly modern culture found today, there has always been an enthralling magic to Mauritius. Foreign ownership isn't permitted in this region, but you can rent Malais Island.   - Read Less


We are delighted to announce the acquisition of an unparalleled private island, distinguished as the most exquisite in Central America. Our vision is to transform this gem into the region’s most exclusive private island resort. To realize this vision, we are actively seeking a partnership with a seasoned developer specializing in luxury resorts.



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