A relative newcomer to the European Union, the old-world charm and picturesque beauty of the Baltic state of Estonia is just being discovered by the international island market. Bordering Latvia, Russia and a short boat trip from Finland, Estonia has a temperate climate and an intricate co... + Read More ast with many lovely isles. Centered around the south western portion of the country, many of these islands are favoured summer vacation spots for European travellers, and growing in popularity for North American tourists seeking a rare authentic Continental experience.

The countryside is dotted with medieval villages and castles, offering a glimpse of traditional Northern European culture difficult to obtain in many more commercialized regions. The beautifully revitalized capital of Tallinn features a historic town preserved within a conveniently modern city, with cobblestone streets, unique towers and famed pink Parliament buildings. Outside of the city, monumental ancient fortresses and fairytale castles overlook sleepy agricultural villages. With clear waters purported to offer curative properties, the shimmering Baltic Sea has long been a summer hideaway for Europe's elite, and remains a unique and undervalued area for personal or resort island development.

Estonia Foreign Ownership
Foreign purchase of real estate in Estonia is almost entirely unrestricted, with an ease and safety rare to other former Soviet satellites. To encourage the property boom the country is currently experiencing, an efficient bureaucracy ensures that property transactions are processed quickly, taking as little as four weeks for transfer of title. Small islands and certain areas along the Russian border do hold some restrictions, but this proves little difficulty as the land may be acquired through an Estonian company.   - Read Less


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