Tivi Island

Name:Tivi Island
Region:Fiji, South Pacific
Location:Vanua Levu
Type:Private Island
Price:USD 5,025,000 convert
Status:For Sale
Size:150.00 Acres / 60.70 HA
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About Tivi Island

This Freehold Island is a beautiful hidden diamond of Fiji,offering the seclusion of a Private Island getaway from the world but close enough to civilization (Lambasa Town),the airport and more, making it a Paradise getaway only 35 minutes drive from Lambasa and a 10 minute boat ride from the mainland.

Freehold islands in Beautiful Fiji are a rare commodity and this one would be ideal for a very Private Paradise or anything between exclusive residences to an eco resort to a 5 star resort.
It has 5 bays and pure white sandy beaches on the top of the Island and numerous excellent building sites.

It is absolutely unspoilt,with many coconut palms, mango trees and a bamboo grove.

It is surrounded on three sides with healthy mangrove,near a coral reef and fishing is plentiful.

You can also fish just from the beach in the clear waters where we can see beautiful fish and beautiful different coloured coral can be viewed just off the beach.

We can easily build a jetty and the location would also be suitable to build "over the water" chalets.

There is a fresh water spring (a rare commodity) and power can be derived from solar/wind or an undersea cable from the mainland (very near). Telecommunications could be derived via a satellite dish.

Asking price is USD 7,500,000. and we are also willing to develop a resort in partnership with a suitable party or are also willing to sell a percentage of the company that owns the Island.

This island was recently the location for the T.V. series "Naked and Afraid"

There are 3-4 flights daily from Nadi Airport to Lambasa or Savusavu.

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Regional Information

Fiji has become a popular host for private island resort development. The political turmoil in Fiji had {...}

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Tivi Island - Fiji, South Pacific
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Tivi Island Inquire
Fiji, South Pacific
150.00 acres / 60.70 ha|USD 5,025,000
Tivi Island - Fiji, South Pacific Tivi Island - Fiji, South Pacific Tivi Island - Fiji, South Pacific Tivi Island - Fiji, South Pacific