Chris Krolow

CEO & Founder, Private Islands Inc.

CEO & Founder

Private Islands Inc. is the brainchild of Chris Krolow, a Toronto-based entrepreneur who parlayed his background in international relations and tourism into the first marketplace for private island real estate. Since 1999, he has traveled the world, working tirelessly to develop cross-platform marketing and strategic partnerships to unify this geographically diverse and specialized industry. Chris has not only created an organized network of top island brokers, but he is also the executive producer and host of HGTV’s hit series “Island Hunters” and the publisher of the biannual glossy magazine Private Islands. The challenges of marketing island real estate still inspire him every day to search for innovative ways to ensure the industry’s bright future.

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Rent The World's Most Private Island

The perfect fusion of privacy and full service. Enjoy the entire island for up to four guests. Staff reside on a smaller island and are available within minutes. Includes all meals, beverages, activities, and helicopter transfer from Belize City. Experience the world’s most private island.


A true private island experience for just one group at a time. Stunning location, ultra private, all inclusive, luxurious and located only a few hours flight from the USA and Canada. Gladden Private Island accomodates 2-4 people and Kanu Private Island accomodates larger groups.

Gladden (small groups)Kanu (larger groups)
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