Denis Island

An enchanted Seychelles coral isle, set like a rare jewel in a sapphire sea. The perfect tropical cocoon to enjoy the barefoot luxury of authentic, island living. Seduced by the understated elegance of private, beachfront cottages and an exquisite cuisine designed to tempt the gourmet's palate. Welcome to Denis Private Island.


Denis Private Island is committed to ensuring that her numerous treasures remain for ou ...

An enchanted Seychelles coral isle, set like a rare jewel in a sapphire sea. The perfect tropical cocoon to enjoy the barefoot luxury of authentic, island living. Seduced by the understated elegance of private, beachfront cottages and an exquisite cuisine designed to tempt the gourmet's palate. Welcome to Denis Private Island.


Denis Private Island is committed to ensuring that her numerous treasures remain for our future generations to enjoy.

On land, large tracts of forest and habitat rehabilitated with native broad-leaved trees, rodents eradicated. Endemic bird species introduced as part of ongoing national efforts to increase breeding populations will lead to their improved status on the IUCN Globally Threatened Birds list. Nowhere else in the world will a morning’s walk bring you across the Seychelles fody, magpie robin, paradise flycatcher and the Seychelles warbler.

Working to ensure the reef flats – essential nursery and feeding grounds for fish and green turtles – and its inhabitants, from damsels to seagrass beds; remain to play a crucial role in the ecosystem dynamics. Hawksbill and green turtles laying their eggs on Denis’ protected shoreline are monitored and tagged, providing valuable information assisting the protection of the species.

Hosting You

Our concept of Hospitality is that of a private island estate which invites you to immerse yourself in a lifestyle that is quite exceptional.

Welcomed off the plane on to the grass airstrip by the Island Manager, before being whisked off to Reception. Here, eased by cold citronella-scented towels, refreshing drinks and canapés as you drink in the incredible colours of the lagoon, tensions dissolve.

Complemented by the welcoming, natural Creole charm of your attentive hosts, Denis Private Island is the ultimate home-coming.

Main Building

Located at Pointe Madame Guichard, is an impressive structure, housing the main guest areas and Reception. Open to the breezes it gives all round views of the swimming pool, the beach, ocean beyond and of the gardens.

Fashioned from natural materials and furnished in contemporary colours, the stylish split-level lounge and bar look on to the pool deck. In the evenings, the perfect backdrop for sipping “sundowners” and sharing the stories of your day with newfound friends.

Browse our collections, select a memento or a postcard to send home in the Boutique. Tucked away in the Library, a comfortable refuge lined with books in various languages, is the guests’ only television and board games. No mobile network to disturb your peace here on Denis but discreet internet access points if the outside world calls. Steps away is the Activity Centre from where to book tomorrow’s dive outing or fishing expedition.

Dining Experiences

Whether it is breakfast in bed or romantic candle-lit dinner on the beach – the night sky your only roof, an intimate table for two on the deck of your own villa, or dinner in the terrace dining room, the refined cuisine of Denis Private Island is nothing short of tantalizing.

Our Chef prepares daily the most succulent dishes, creative and extensive buffets with live cooking stations fresh from the island’s estate and fished from the surrounding seas for breakfast and lunch. And in the evenings, Creole speciality night, barbecues on the beach, sushi and sashimi prepared from the day’s catch. Or elegantly- presented five-course table d’hôte dinners in the dining room or around the pool deck.

In our Wine Cellar, another journey begins. Our inventory of fine New and Old World wines is carefully selected and yours to choose from. The perfect setting for a degustation with friends or for an intimate dinner for two.

Before and after dinner, staying open well into the night, the well-stocked bar provides the meeting point for a tête-à-tête or to get to know your fellow guests.


Things to Do

“The island is yours – Do as you will, without disturbing others” is the owner’s motto.

Whether sunbathing on the beach, bathing in the lagoon, enjoying the pool or simply relaxing on your terrace, one pleasure folds into another.

Wander through the forest echoing with calls of land and sea birds and discover the island’s flora. Join our resident experts on a bird feeding or nature tour, or for a presentation on the island’s history, wildlife or conservation projects in the Library. Visit the Old Village craft workshops, farm and the giant tortoise colony. The pace is unhurried, going with the flow and savour the moment.

Equally, a jog around the island, a game of tennis, snooker or a chess challenge in the Library, canoeing around the island or sunset sortie into the lagoon is yours for the asking.
And should you wish to venture further afield, we can also organise for day excursions to another island.

Ocean Sports

The diversity of experiences is not limited to land. The Denis Private Island lagoon is indeed a great fascination–triggerfish, clownfish, parrotfish, pirouetting rays, gliding turtles all in radiant livery compete in splendour in the dance of the coral reef – a morning spent snorkelling will unveil myriad life-forms and stunning backdrops.

Or, plunge into the heart of the ocean for incomparable diving. Our small, professional dive centre with PADI accreditation offers diving courses for novice and advanced divers. Sightings of turtles, white tip and reef sharks, rays, sailfish, tuna are common; dolphins and whales also frequent. Whale sharks and manta rays often sighted from September to November. Snorkelling and dive equipment are available.

Just a few miles north of the island, the sea floor drops rapidly into the oceanic abyss spawning a frantic cascade of life from algae through to the big game fish. Daily charts are available with the experienced crews and fishing equipment. Opt for a taste of adventure on one of our fishing expeditions. Experience the scream of a reel and the sight of your catch burst clear of the water; the tug of a deep-water giant on a hand line; the challenge of fly-fishing on the flats.

However you choose to enjoy this primal universe, it is sure to become a passion.


Our therapists are on hand to pamper you with a selection of therapies inspired by Seychellois, Indian and Swedish techniques, wonderfully complementing Denis’ naturally holistic lifestyle.

Using island essential oils, fine sand from our pristine beaches and other natural products. In the privacy of your garden courtyard, there can be few more idyllic places to rejuvenate and reconnect with the transforming power of nature.

For Children

Children are welcome on Denis and parents can enjoy their holiday whilst experiencing the island’s adventurous magic and treasures with their children.

Non-motorised water sports and ocean-based activities ensure that the younger ones can explore the wonders of the rich marine life around Denis. Through the PADI affiliated dive centre, families can participate in dive courses and excursions’ available for beginners and advanced divers alike.

Nature tours of the island offer guided information on the conservation projects and the sustainable programme on the island; this includes a fascinating visit of the farm and estate, in addition friendly walks around the island will guarantee a surprise encounter! Interesting presentations of the island’s history and environmental talks are conducted occasionally.
A summary of the activities include canoeing, swimming, diving, fishing, board games, jogging bird watching and a pool table is also available.

Denis Private Island also offers babysitting and early dinners upon request.

On Denis, you can be assured that your kids will never have an uninteresting moment.

The Cottages

Whether in Caprice or Pecheur, Tortue or Galate, reclusive relaxation and privacy are yours. No keys, televisions or mobile phones here.

Stretched along the beach on northwestern tip of the island, each nestling in its lush surrounds and separated from each other by gardens and hedges, our 25 Cottages are well appointed with generously proportioned, open living spaces, offering unpretentious comfort with the talcum-soft beaches just steps away.

The luxury of open-air bathrooms and al-fresco showers of private garden courtyards.
All conspiring towards your delight.

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