The reputation of Minnesota as "The Land of 10,000 Lakes" is well deserved, and the spectacular beauty of this Northern state has made it a haven for outdoors and water sports enthusiasts around the world. State and national forests and 71 state parks provide year-round access to excellent... + Read More fishing, camping and hiking, and these extensive protected areas have made for a rare, unspoiled wilderness unparalleled in the country. Most notable among the many bodies of water spread across the state is the famed Lake of the Woods, home to many picturesque islands and sweeping, untouched boreal forests. The rugged terrain and rustic charm of Minnesota's many island-dotted lakes ensure that this region will remain a protected national treasure and much-loved destination for nature lovers across the globe.

Foreign Ownership Info for all States in the USA
America’s real estate laws create an open and reliable atmosphere for foreign investors. All private islands on the market in the U.S. can be bought freehold; there are no special requirements for foreign ownership.   - Read Less


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