New Zealand

New Zealand is a country comprised of two large islands and many smaller islands located in the Pacific Ocean. This island kingdom’s long isolation from the rest of the world has created extraordinary flora and fauna. Eighty percent of New Zealand’s flora occurs only in New Zealand ma... + Read More king it a mecca for wide-eyed explorers and outdoor types. With regard to humans, this is a modern developed economy with a high standard of living. Private islands for sale are very rare and limited in this region many are owned by the crown and used for farming.

New Zealand Foreign Ownership
Historically, islands in New Zealand have been difficult to purchase. It was not until 1994 that the island market opened up to the international community. Despite this change in legislation, it can still be difficult to purchase islands in New Zealand. The law states that any island property for sale must first be offered to local residents. After a stipulated period of time, the property can enter the international market. In order to purchase the property as an international citizen, one must demonstrate financial commitment.   - Read Less


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