Despite being a coastal state, Oregon's private islands are more likely to lie in any of the five major rivers running through the salmon state. Oregon just wouldn’t be Oregon without its salmon; this iconic fish, rich with tradition and history, holds a treasured place in Oregon’s cul... + Read More ture - as much a part of the state as its dense forests and volcanic outcroppings. The Cascade Mountains stretch across the entire north south length of Oregon, producing two very different climates. West of the Cascades, a mild and moist marine climate prevails, while east of the Cascades, Oregon's high desert country can be scorching hot or bitterly cold.

Foreign Ownership Info for all States in the USA
America’s real estate laws create an open and reliable atmosphere for foreign investors. All private islands on the market in the U.S. can be bought freehold; there are no special requirements for foreign ownership.   - Read Less


Rent The World's Most Private Island

The perfect fusion of privacy and full service. Enjoy the entire island for up to four guests. Staff reside on a smaller island and are available within minutes. Includes all meals, beverages, activities, and helicopter transfer from Belize City. Experience the world’s most private island.

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