Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is raw and untamed - not your average sun, sand, and sea destination. When we think Papua New Guinea, images of exotic locals spring to mind, with good reason. The island nation's people are often plumed and pearl shelled; with over 1000 different cultural groups existing ... + Read More in Papua New Guinea, each has their own spectacular forms of art, dance and costume. Papau New Guinea's reefs are as unspoiled as its locals. Many divers come for the wreck diving; remnants of World War II abound. Blackjack, a well-preserved B-17 bomber, rests at the bottom of Milne Bay. In Hansa Bay's shallow waters sit some 30 Japanese wrecks “ a combination of ships and planes. Other visitors come to Papua New Guinea for an encounter with the timeless tribal cultures in a country that offers adventure in the truest sense of the word.   - Read Less


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