With one foot in Europe and the other in the Middle East, Turkey acts like a bridge between the two regions and showcases the best each culture has to offer. Bordered by four different seas “ The Black, Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara “ Turkey has a number of island regions on offer.... + Read More Turkey is vast, varied and boasts incredible landscapes and natural wonders. A great destination for relaxing beach holidays, unique sporting activities and some of the world's most important ancient monuments, Turkey's hospitality and delicious national cuisine are second to none.

Turkey Foreign Ownership Info
The laws surrounding foreign freehold ownership in Turkey have been relaxed and simplified in recent times, but foreign ownership is still based on reciprocity. If a foreign investor comes from a country where citizens of Turkey are allowed to buy freehold real estate, then the overseas buyer will be given permission to buy property in Turkey.
Even if you do qualify to buy a private island in Turkey, there are restrictions based on location and function. Land in Turkey is allocated a specific use based on the zoning schemes of the nearest town or village. If an island sits in an area that has been deemed agricultural, problems will arise unless you plan to use the island for the same purpose. Also, overseas buyers cannot buy land or property in the vicinity of military land. A good lawyer will check for any restrictions on the island you wish to buy. It’s also imperative that the same lawyer does a thorough title search to ensure the vendor has the right to sell.   - Read Less


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